Saturday, May 12, 2012

UPSC Interview: Rahul Rekhawar (IAS) Part I

April 4,2011. Morning session, I was fifth in my group to be interviewed.

Panel: Mr. Nirbhay Sharma.

Setting:                                                   Mr. Nirbhay Sharma (NS)

                                       Fourth Member                                  Second Member

                                       Fifth member                                      Lady member

                                                                    Rahul Rekhawar.


Duration of interview: Around 18 minutes. (~12.30pm to ~12.50pm)

RR: Good morning Sir, Good morning Ma’m, Good morning to you all sirs.

NS: Good morning. Please sit down.

RR: Thank you sir. ( I sit down ).

NS: What is your name?

RR: Sir, Rahul Rekhawar sir.

NS: Rahul, you have a good academic record. You seem to have done your engineering…..

RR: Yes sir.

NS: And Electrical and Electronics is a very good branch. Tell me, should we have specialists in government or generalists? Won’t specialists be useful in power ministry?

RR: Sir, we should have generalists sir because every ministry has to take care of not only technical concerns but social concerns as well and coordinate with all other departments. For ex, in power projects, we see that same village where plant is located does not have power connections.

NS: Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

RR: No sir, a generalist will take care of these concerns also more effectively and government has to take care of social concerns also, not just technical.

NS: Ok. What is the status of Tibet?

RR: Sir, it is an autonomous region of China.

NS: So, is it not like any other province of China?

RR: No sir, it has some special powers to take care of some regional aspects.

NS: So, does China have similar provincial structure of administration like ours?

RR: Sir, not exactly, as we follow the principal of cooperative federalism in our centre-state relation but China has one-party system and so, administration gets more centralized than ours.

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