Thursday, May 10, 2012

UPSC Interview :- Prashant Patil ( IAS) PART II


Q1) What is meant by G.E.R?
Sir G.E.R. means gross enrollment ratio.( member and all other members laugh…member said that I mean define it?) Sorry sir I don’t know definition of GER.
Q2) can you tell me how much percent of students that are enrolled at primary school complete graduation?
Sir I am not aware of this figure. Sir with your permission I can guess it..( member immediately nodded his head) I said sir around 15 percent students that are enrolled at primary school complete degree .
( and I was looking at members face for his reaction whether it is right or wrong…and I simply member didn’t I deciced not to take chances by disastrous guessing.)


Q1) What do you know of I.N.A.?
Sir , Indian National Army was formed in singapore under leadership of Subhas Chandra Bose during second world war, with aim to liberate India from British Raj with the help of Japenese forces.
Q2) Who called M.K.Gandhi as Mahatma?
( I thought for many seconds..and said..) Sorry sir I am not able to recollect it. ( member answered it as Subhas Chandra Bose). I smiled slightly an said thank you sir.
Q3) Do you support demand for separate Vidarbha state? If yes or no explain it?
Sir, I don’t support demand Vidarbha statehood. Although there is little discontent among the people of Vidharbha majority of population want development under the statehood of Maharashtra.
Q4) Do you support the creation of small states Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand?
Sir creation of new states should be based local conditions, prospects of growth and financial feasibility of the new state. Since Chattisgarh has unique problem of interior location, predominat tribal population with underdevelopment and naxalism. And Jharkhand with rich mineral base has good prospects of economic growth and uttarakhand having problem of mountainous terrain.,separate statehood will give impetus to the development of these states. Hence I support formation of these states.


Q1) Why did you select psychology as optional and not engineering subject although you are an engineer?
Sir engineering subjects are very vast and its difficult to get good marks as compared to subjects of humanities. So I selected psychology as one of the optionals which is semi-scientific and its  interesting to study about human behaviour.
Q2) what are psychosomatic disorders?
It means disorders caused due stress. These are high blood pressure, gastric ulcers, migraine, pain in neck.
Q3) what is usefulness of narco analysis in investigation?
Sir in India, narco analysis test is not admissible as evidence in court of law. But results of such test can be useful for police in getting direction in investigation.
Q4) how is psychology helpful in our lives?
Understanding of psychology helps to control our stress by meditation. It also helps in better interpersonal relations and controlling ones anger which makes ours life peaceful with strong bonds of interpersonal relationship. Sir it is said that although intelligence quotient( I.Q.) helps one get selected for job, its emotional quotient(E.Q.) that decides the success in workplace and life.

Q5) whether psychology has helped you anyway in administration?
Sir principles of organizational psychology help in gaining leadership skills and ability to manage staff in office by understanding there needs and nurturing personal relationship. Sir when I was Tehsildar I faced few morchas outside my office of around 200 people. In such morchas mob is charged against authorities, so I use to immediately give a patient hearing to the leaders of mob. This often dissipated the tension between mob and authorities and vent off there anger without creating major law and order problem. Thus insight into mob psychology helps us in maintaining law and order.

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