Saturday, May 12, 2012

UPSC Interview: Rahul Rekhawar (IAS) Part IV

NS: Ok Rahul. Now let us say you become District Magistrate after few years of service & you find that a group of contractors is cornering away all the contracts and not doing good work. They have high political connections. Your subordinates are not ready to take action against them. You asked your seniors and even they are not very helpful and told you that let the situation be as it is. What will you do?

RR: Sir, first I will take the stock of the situation…..

NS: Yes yes, that is all done.

RR: Sir, then first thing I will do is put all the papers related to that department on the website….

NS: What papers?

RR: Sir, the tender process and inspection papers…

NS: That is all perfect on paper. And common man doesn’t understand them.

RR: But sir, media will note the difference on paper and on field. It will have to take note of it. Simultaneously, I will encourage civil society activists to take interest in it.

NS: What will you do? Will you leak some info?

RR: Sir, there is nothing left to leak from me as all papers are already on website. Sir, politicians are most afraid of harm to their image in public. They can accept everything but not the harm to their image in public. So, I have to take all these players along with me. A single person can’t do many things sir. It has to be a coordinated effort. I have to take everyone along with me. Sir, I can play one instrument but if I want to create a symphony, I have to coordinate everyone.

NS: Ok Rahul, Thank you, you can go.

RR: Thank you sir & Happy New Year sir.

NS: Oh yes yes, Wish you too.

Possible mistakes:

  1. Good Morning instead of Good afternoon in the beginning.
  2. Once Mr. Nirbhay Sharma got up and left but I almost could not notice it as I was talking to someone else. I realized it and when he returned back, I got up slightly to which he responded by saying, ‘Please sit sit.’
  3. I only had to slightly pull back the chair in the beginning (just 3-4 centimeters). But when interview was over, I did not push it back.
  4. In the end, I wished only Mr. Nirbhay Sharma and not the Lady member and others separately.
  5. Some of my answers had to be long.
  6. Was my last answer to Mr. Nirbhay Sharma effective?
  7. I was answering so swiftly as if I have prepared these answers knowingly, including the last answer.
  8. Eye-contact with all only during my longish answers.

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