Thursday, May 10, 2012

UPSC Interview:- Aayush Oak (IAS) Part III

Member 3:
 what is a tsunami?where has this name come from?

Me: tsunami is a Japanese word, these are huge waves that form near the shore because of earthquakes beneath the ocean.

Member 3: why was there so much distruction in japan? Didn’t they a warning system?

Me: sir, japan does have a warning system and also a roboust disaster management system. . but the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred was very close to the port city of sendai so the time they had to act on the warning was very less.

Member 3 : what are the recent views on mountain building?

Me: the views proposed by the plate tectonic theory are the recent views. They say that wherever there is collusive boundary there are fold mountains whereas transverse and diverging plate boundaries result in block mountains.

Member 3: hypothetically if we remove all mountains from the face of the earth what will be its impact?

Me: all rivers have their sources in the mountains . . .with no mountains there will be no rivers this will have huge impact on life.moreover rainfall pattern and climate in that region will change.

Lady member: aayush you have won a drama competition, now pune has a very rich culture in theatre what is it about?

Me: our college team won the purshottam karandak which is a vey prestigious competition in Maharashtra and many arists have their origins in this competition.

Lady member: can you name them?

Me:dr.jabbar patel,ravindra mankani, atul kulkarni and upendra limaye. Along with such competions there are many troupes called natak mandalis which indulge in parallel theatre.

Lady member: what is nana petakar’s association with theatre?

Me:sorry maam I don’t know.

Lady member: do you know about shashi kapoor’s daughter’s involvement in theatre and the role of prithvi theatre?

Me: I have heard of prithvi theatre but iam not aware of the details.

Lady member: name any famous playwrights and their plays from Maharashtra that you know and which are famous all over the country.

Me: ‘ghashiram kotwal’ by vijay tendulkar and ‘asami asami’ and ‘bhatatyachi chaal’ by PL Deshpande.

Lady member: good. . .do you know ‘shantata court chalu ahe’?

Me: yes maam its by Vijay Tendulkar.

Lady member: coming to engineering . . .what is the difference between ferrous and nonferrous materials and their applications?

Me: ferrous materials have magnetic properties and are used in making electromagnets they are conductors and therefore they have applications in electrical industry . . .

Lady member: (interrupting) name the famous transformer company in pune.

Me: I don’t remember it .

Chairman:thank you madam. My last question to you aayush . . .who will win the match today?

Me: I hope india wins . .

Member 3: (to the chairman) sir, he hopes that india wins he is not sure.

Chairman: (laughing) I am very confident that india will win.

Me: yes sir, thank you.

Chairman: thank you, aayush.

Me: thank you sir, thank you maam.

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