Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book list : Political Science- Marathi Medium

By Shivprasad Nakate IAS :-

1) Political Science : NCERT 11th and 12th.
2) Political Theory By O.P. Gauba Published by K'sagar Publication.
3) भारतीय शासन व राजकारण - भा. ल. भोले ( पूर्ण  आवृत्ती).
4) शैलेंद्र देवलनकर:  1) समकालीन जागतिक राजकारण. 
                               2) परराष्ट्र संबंध - सातत्य व  स्थ्यिथ्यन्तर.
                               3) अंतराष्त्रीय संबंध.
5) Latest Notes of Subhra Ranjan Madam.

It must be noted that it is better to read original English books for preparation.


  1. Sir, mala upsc marathi madhun dyaychi ahe, tyasathi konte books use karave. General studies mains sathi , pub.admin. ha optional ahe.

  2. i want history books list in medium of marathi

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  4. Sir/madam
    Politics is my special subject.
    Ya year madhe mala upsc dyayche aahe so plz mala sanga ki mi konte books refers karu
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