Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Booklist for General studies by Amrutesh Aurangabadkar AIR 10

Hello friends,
Here's a short booklist for G.S. :
History: Spectrum, NCERTs, Bipan Chandra's book
Polity: Laxmikanth, Bakshi's constitution
Geography: NCERTs, Goh Che Leong (book by Majid Hussain is equally good)
Social Issues, International Relations, Economy: newspapers and magazines
Science and Technology: Notes, Newspapers, magazines, (herad that Arihant and CST issues about the same are good, though I didnot refer these :D ;) )
Statistics: Spectrum guide

Being an economics graduate, I did not work upon it as such. Also I did a diploma in National Security and international din't have to work upon it as well....
Sociology being my optional, socila issues were covered therein..
but my focus was always on latest happenings...


  1. congrates......plese guide about sociology booklist,what strategy for current happening in sociology.....writing papers...

  2. Sir i am in 12th now i want to be a IAS officer by passing UPSC exam so i want guidance

  3. What r d step by step preperation to become an IAS officer ?

  4. Beginners can start their preparation by downloading free study material from