Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mains Book List: Geography

By Prashant J. Patil IAS,


Paper  1. ( Principles of Geography)
1)      Physical Geography-
    Physical Geography- Savindra Singh ( read all chapters )
2)      Human Geography-
    Human Geography- Majid Hussain ( usefull for population,settlement and economic geography)
   Geographic Thought- Majid Hussain.
   Models and Theories in Geography- Majid Hussain.
3)      N.C.E.R.T. textbooks of standard 11th.

For  Regional Planning Topic  it is advisable to refer  Class notes especially of A.L.S ( Interactions) OR of Alok Ranjan Sir.

Paper  2. ( Geography of India )
1)      Geography of India- D.R. Khullar. ( usefull for physical , resources, agriculture, transport and communication, population, settlement and natural disasters topics )
2)      N.C.E.R.T  textbooks of standard 12th. .
      For  paper 1 and 2, one should have comprehensive guide of Spectrum- Geography of India or any other publication . Topics like Political Aspects, Contemporary Issues from Paper 2 can be referred besides it helps to prepare short notes from other syllabus.

      Besides good study material, answer writing is important and I would advise aspirants to take up test series. It is beneficial to focus upon time management and answer writing practice for those taking up test series rather than getting discouraged by poor marks or over enthused by high marks. Always keep in mind your target is performing in U.P.S.C. and not in coaching class ! ALL THE BEST..


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  2. First of all thanks a lot to all of you for creating such a nice blog.nice information related to interview n reference books of popular optionals.I kindly request you to publish a list of reference books for UPSC prelims...Thanks a lot.......!!!

    1. nilesh we are working on precise book list for prelims. spare us few days.

  3. sir nice to see precise and good books on your blog after searching for the good books for geography mains.i want to know that is there any requirement of study physical geography after completion of savinder singh's book.i am studing geography my own.please give me another suggestion which can help me...

  4. Thank you sir for your kind effort.

    i have purchased the correspondence course of Ensemble institute which contains 22 books. So shall i start reading those books or i should go for the books you have mentioned.

    Also i am a B.Tech graduate and i have to start Geography from scratch i.e. i have no base of geography at all and i will appear for CSE 2013.

    Waiting for your reply..

  5. is there any way through which i can get the notes for ALS for regional planning as suggested by you?

    also for physical ,which is the best savindra singh, majid hussain or Goh Cheng Leong's ???

    thanking you in anticipation

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