Monday, March 11, 2013

Facing Changed Pattern of UPSC:-

At last much waited change has been reality and thus years of speculations are ended. But now aspirants are more confused, and thinking that years of preparation are now rendered futile and unproductive.
Let me assure that your years of preparation are not wasted and will help you preparation in coming days. One should take this change in positive way, as thinking of past will hamper your studies.
One must also remember that “Change is the only constant”, and species (In our case aspirants) who swiftly adapts to changed conditions service. (Essentially UPSC also follows law of Darwin….survival of the fittest).
But one thing has been amply clear by UPSC is that general studies (GS) will carry maximum marks and aspirant has to focus more on current events, issues of national importance, history and geography in context of India and so on.
Coming years will make things more clear and those who have long term plans can employ good strategy of “wait and watch”! 

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  1. but what about those who are to appear this year sir? i mean what shud be the necessary changes in approach in answer writing??